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Math Stories


My Favorite Number: 4

     4 is my favorite number. I love it. It is always my best friend. I always feel it sitting next to me when I eat something. When I go shopping, I buy 4 pieces of everything.
    My friend 4 is very strong. It’s like me. A lot of people know it. They take its photos.
    4 sometimes walks with its friend “0”. When they walk together, people call them “forty”. When he walks with other zeros, they become “four hundred” or “four thousand”.
4 has twinis when they stay together. Their family calls them, “forty four”                                                                                 Asia

I am not 6 Anymore

6 is a good child. He is smart, active, and polite. He thinks about his future all the time. He always wishes to get older as soon as possible.

One day while he was thinking on a subject, he suddenly fell over on the steps of his department. He stood up and walked in the street, but there was something strange. Nobody recognized him because he changed into “9”. Then he started crying and said, “Oh, nooo, I don’t want to get older anymore, I want  to be “6” again!!!”


A + into x


  +   was a  good man. He was a very hard worker. He used to add things to things. Tha was his job. He worked for years and years without stopping. But one day, he got very angry. He said, “That is enough. I am very tired, I don’t want to work anymore”.

Suddenly, his mother walked into his office and asked, “What are you talking about? Are you crazy, son?” Then she slapped him strongly.

His shape changed into xmulti . Since then he has been working for shorter periods, but more effectively.                          Asia


Zero was hungry, but he couldn’t find any greengroceries. Then a sound came to her ear “Apple, apple, very sweet apples.” She followed the sound. She found the greengrocery. She asked to the greengrocer, “Can you give me an apple, please?” The owner said, “You can’t take my apples you are just Zero.” Zero felt sad. She was very tired.

In the street, she saw One and One saw Zero 0.”Hello Zero you look tired.” One said: “Yes, the owner of the greengrocery didn’t give me any apples. Nobody likes me.”

She started to cry. One said “Don’t cry. I will buy you an apple if we go together. We will be ten.”

They went to the greengrocery to buy apple. “Why don’t you give my friend an apple?” asked One. “Sorry, I didn’t sell because she was Zero but you are ten now. I can give you ten apples.”

 The greengrocer gave Zero and One ten apples. They ate the ten apples together, they became nice friends.

A few weeks later, they had many friends. They talked, they played and One day Zero went to One’s house with her many friends. They played hide and seek. It was so nice. They were best friends.



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