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PakTurk International School – Interactive Notebook Samples

Teacher’s Instruction: 

Being a teacher or a parent, you would have enjoyed pictures of copies shown. These were some sample of interactive copies done by the students of class 4 and 5. We being teachers are boosting up the students towards creativity and art in their writing skills .Along with that, copy should be interactive too which could create and increase interest of the students towards studies. Of course, if a child makes his or her copies interactive, he or she will be appreciated. And while making the copies interactive the child will be more interested towards those subjects and can understand the topics clearly. We can apply this method in all subject copies. Here are some tips to make the copy interactive.
Tips to make the copy interactive
• After giving lesson give some ideas to decorate the copy linking with the concern topic.
• Provide them the material.
• No matter, what so ever is their art skill, encourage them.
• Ask them that they can use waste material too.
• Always appreciate them and don’t compare their weak work with others.
• Appreciate them by giving stars or candies or small gifts.
• Do show good sample copies to students to encourage them.
• Motivate students to work with innovative ideas.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/pakturklumhs

Parent’s opinion: 

Nudrat Khalid Beautiful work my kids,keep it up!and your efforts are really appreciateable ms Ambreen Channah. welldone!



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