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Interactive Notebook Survey

Birayati 3-D student opinions

  • Interactive notebook is the best in the world. I see. First, I don’t know anything about interactive notebook. But now I know what the notebook is. It makes my notebook interesting and makes me famous that I am teaching my family. (Shakar, 3/D)

  • I like my interactive notebook. It is so easy and good. I want to do it in grade 4,5,6,7, and 8. I love my interactive notebook. (Elif Beyza, 3/D).

  • It is easy and colorful. When I am free, I do it. I sometimes do for my brother and my sister. (Ala Dana, 3/D, makes)

  • I like doing interactive notebook because doing it opens my brain. When I see some boys are doing the interactive notebook, I was shocked how they were cutting something. Now, I am very good in doing the interactive notebook and I am very active and very good in doing interactive notebook. (Hanar Azad, 3)

  • I love interactive notebook because it helps me to learn more. (Sana Salih, 3/D)

  • First, I didn’t like making it, but my friends and my cousin said “do it.” I see my friends are doing great interactive notebook. They are better than me. They have got lots of stars. Now, I am the first at doing it. Now, my interactive notebooks are the best.  (Nara Rashad, 3/D)

  • I like so much interactivall-e notebook. Please buy a very nice notebook and It can be easy for you and it can help you for the quiz and dictation. It’s very nice project for your notebook and for your brain. It is very good for all lessons. (Vari, 3/D)

  • I do interactive notebook sometimes. I think is very good and a little hard, but I like difficult things. I can make some games and I can play.  (Vidar, 3/D)

  • Interactive notebook is easy. It is not difficult. All students can do it. (Ali Salah, 3/D).

  • I learned to make interactive notebook and I like doing it. It is a very original thing. You can learn everything with it. You can be a wonderful student. (Shivan, 3/D)

  • Interactive notebook is funny and very good. It is like a game. If it is easy, we can do it. (Noor, 3/D)

  • It is interesting thing (interactive). My notebook is very colorful. I first time using in this school. (Anes, 3/)

  • It is good to make interactive notebook. It can make you clever. Sometimes it is hard, but it is easy. I like it. Maybe you like and maybe not. But listen to me, use interactive notebook. (Zyhar Sherwan, 3/D)

  • I love interactive notebook and it helps you to learn things. My notebook is colorful and easy thing. (Arkan Chalak 3/D)

  • I like interactive notebook because it is like a project. Interactive Notebook is a very great and easy because it is easy for me to study. I don’t want to stop because it is very nice when you see. I will continue in all grades. Interactive helps you to understand the lesson. I cannot stop it because it is very nice and pretty. (Lisa Hemn, 3/D)

  • My opinion about interactive notebook is that I love it so much. I will be better making interactive notebook and I will be an interactive student. (Tana, 3/D)

  • Interactive notebook is very good and the best. It is not boring and my notebook became amazing and colorful. It is not hard. It makes you busy all the time. It makes you original student. I love it so much. (Las, 3/D)

  • My notebook is very good and I love it. It help me to study quizzes. (Sana Mevlut, 3/D)

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