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30 Ideas for Teaching Writing

  1. Use the shared events of students’ lives to inspire writing.
  2. Establish an email dialogue between students from different schools who are reading the same book.
  3. Use writing to improve relations among students.
  4. Help student writers draw rich chunks of writing from endless sprawl.
  5. Work with words relevant to students’ lives to help them build vocabulary.
  6. Help students analyze text by asking them to imagine dialogue between authors.
  7. Spotlight language and use group brainstorming to help students create poetry.
  8. Ask students to reflect on and write about their writing.
  9. Ease into writing workshops by presenting yourself as a model.
  10. Get students to focus on their writing by holding off on grading.
  11. Use casual talk about students’ lives to generate writing.
  12. Give students a chance to write to an audience for real purpose.
  13. Practice and play with revision techniques.
  14. Pair students with adult reading/writing buddies.
  15. Teach “tension” to move students beyond fluency.
  16. Encourage descriptive writing by focusing on the sounds of words.
  17. Require written response to peers’ writing.
  18. Make writing reflection tangible.
  19. Make grammar instruction dynamic.
  20. Ask students to experiment with sentence length.
  21. Help students ask questions about their writing.
  22. Challenge students to find active verbs.
  23. Require students to make a persuasive written argument in support of a final grade.
  24. Ground writing in social issues important to students.
  25. Encourage the “framing device” as an aid to cohesion in writing.
  26. Use real world examples to reinforce writing conventions.
  27. Think like a football coach.
  28. Allow classroom writing to take a page from yearbook writing.
  29. Use home language on the road to Standard English.
  30. Introduce multi-genre writing in the context of community service.



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Short Story Writing Ideas

writing-story Short Story Writing Ideas

  1. Your character has an accident and…
  2. What is your character’s favorite type of music?  Why?
  3. Your character is out talking a walk when he or she sees a dog that…
  4. Your character is a writer. But his new neighbors are so noisy that he can neither work nor sleep.
  5. Your character is running late and has to take the taxi instead of walking.
  6. Your character finds something he or she had lost.
  7. Your character tries a new restaurant. The chef comes out and tells him or her…
  8. Your character leaves in the morning but has to go back home after forgetting to bring…
  9. Who is your character’s best friend?  How did they meet?  What do they do together?
  10. Is your character an only child or does he or she have siblings?  How does your character feel about this?
  11. What is your character’s greatest fear?  How does this impact his or her life?
  12. What is your character’s favorite food?  Why?  Does he or she enjoy it often?
  13. What are your character’s parents like?
  14. Does your character want to have kids someday or does he or she have kids already?  Why or why not?  If your character has kids, what are they like?
  15. What does your character’s bedroom look like?
  16. What is your character’s greatest dream?
  17. What is your character’s favorite game?  Is it a board game or a video game or a sport?  Is he or she good at it?  How long has your character played the game?
  18. Where did your character grow up?  What is the city like?
  19. Where does your character want to live someday?  Does he or she want to stay in the same city or move far away?
  20. Write about three things that your character believes.
  21. What is your character’s favorite movie?
  22. What does your character like to do for fun?  Does he or she have much free time?
  23. If your character’s best friend described him or her, what would the friend say?  Write about at least three separate qualities and explain the reasoning behind each.
  24. When your character is sad, what does he or she do?  Why?
  25. Is your character an early bird or night owl?  Does this affect his or her life at all?
  26. What is your character’s favorite store?  Does he or she like to shop?  Why or why not?
  27. Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character..
  28. Make a list of five things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character..
  29. Think of a big problem that one of your friends had to face. Then write a story in which your character battles with that problem..
  30. What is one of your bad habits? Invent a character who has the bad habit, but a much worse case of it than you have. Write a story where this habit gets your character into trouble
  31. At school or work, your character gets an unusual assignment.
  32. Think about one favorite activity that you enjoy….
  33. “Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return.
  34. If I were President I would…
  35. If I were a turtle living in a pond, I would …
  36. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
  37. Describe what it means to be a good neighbor?
  38. What is your favorite time of day? Why?
  39. Describe your best day ever?
  40. What excites you?
  41. Describe your favorite hobby.
  42. What is your favorite quote by a famous person? Why?
  43. What is your favorite song and why?
  44. I want to be a ________ when I grow up. Then I will….
  45. Older people are…
  46. Younger people are…
  47. The perfect place in the whole wide world is ___________ because …
  48. What makes you feel sad? Why?
  49. What makes you feel happy?  Why?
  50. What can you do to help you feel better when you’re feeling blue?
  51. Name your favorite book and why?
  52. Pretend that you can fly whenever you wanted.  Where would you go?
  53. Pretend that there is no such thing as television, Internet, or video games. What do you do with all your time?
  54. If I were a snake, I’d …
  55. If I could choose a different name, I would choose…
  56. Let’s go _______________.
  57. Describe your adventure.
  58. Write a letter to your Mom, Dad, friend, cousin, classmate.
  59. What would happen if animals could talk?
  60. What is your dream vacation?
  61. Your grandma comes to town and brings an unexpected surprise…
  62. You are an astronaut who finds something strange on the moon…
  63. An alien comes to Earth, and…
  64. You get stuck in an elevator with…
  65. You discover a magic button that will…



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